Welcome to the Hive!

I made a whole theatre show based on a soup, and even wrote a book about it… I’ve travelled up and down the country with my grandmother’s flour-stained diary and collected recipes from strangers… Needless to stay that, to me, food is about a lot more than survival and forms a pretty crucial part of my everyday life, and indeed, my identity.

From the early content we’ve begun posting, you’ll be quick to work out that mine and Arge’s relationship does also have a fair bit to do with food.

I hope that amidst the oversaturated Instagram pictures and heavily commented Bake Off episodes that may well form part of your food culture, this blog will go some way to sharing the idea that fantastic, healthy, tasty food doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or a chore of any kind.

We’re both busy people with no fancy equipment in the kitchen, not a lot of time to spare and no special knowledge, other than what’s been past down and around in our family and friendship circles and what we can glean online.

Hopefully, Hive & Hob will be a fun place to share our recipe ideas, menu combinations and also our thoughts and musings on the broader ‘food culture’.

It’s lovey to have you along for the ride, please make use of the comment boxes and wave if you see us at the market!


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