Top 5 Autumn Ingredients

Students are back in town, children are started to get excited about half-term, leaves are turning and the smell in the air is there to confirm it all… Autumn is well and truly here. Daylight hours are escaping us faster and faster and we don’t have to make much of an excuse to stay inside with a warm drink and our favourite book…

(or as the case may be for Arge, a new crochet project… maybe this whole blog is just a way for us to skip a generation and admit that we’ve just turned into our grandmothers already?)

It won’t come to you as a great surprise that there are many benefits to eating with the seasons. Here’s the top 5 ingredients I’m looking forward to playing with this autumn.

  • Artichoke

The French comedian Coluche, is perhaps best known abroad as the founder of the Restos du Coeur, a charity which provides food to homeless people once said of the artichoke that it was a true poor person’s meal; you have more on your plate when you’re done eating than when you started. I have to say that while at this time of year, the bulbous plants are all over my motherland’s market, I am yet to find them in the UK. Maybe I’ll have to live with the jarred hearts this Autumn… they’re still a treat in a risotto.

  • Apples

I’m not necessarily a big fan of apples as a day-to-day snack, but I absolutely love cooking with them… From the classic braised red cabbage with Bramleys, to the plethora of dessert options as tarts or baked with cinnamons, I’m going to take advantage of the vast selection of British apples this available this Autumn. This particular recipe from the Greek Vegan also caught the corner of my eye and seems to be a brilliant way to keep them beyond the season.

  • Pumpkin

To be honest, I am yet to do anything all that exciting with pumpkins myself (Arge will soon treat you to a delicious flan recipe though), but can anything beat a bright orange soup with a dollop of cream? I don’t think so…

  •  Butternut Squash

I think I only really started getting on with butternut squash last winter when I was a busy Londoner who could only manage to cook with fresh produce by relying on Hello Fresh deliveries. Now that I have time to make use of my local market, I’ll definitely be revisiting some of those recipe cards! One of the highlights I seem to remember particularly well was a Haloumi & Squash salad…

  • Cauliflower

Drenched in cheese sauce and served with potatoes for the ultimate comfort food on a dark weeknight, as a little twist in a non-traditional carbonara, or a gorgeous head of Romanesco baked in a spicy tomato sauce… the possibilities are endless…


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