I taste something Wicked!

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One of the things that I find fascinating about Halloween is the huge amount of sweet treats you can find online… God, I want to try them all, and I know I probably shouldn’t do that, nor have the time to cook them!

Halloween 2016, Lancaster. We’ve been invited to a Dumb Supper (if you feel brave and want to host one, go here) and even if we are not sure what we are going to experience, we wanted to make our little contribution with a delicious dessert.

If we don’t post anything from today on, be worried, we didn’t make it back home 😉

What I am about to tell… is no more (no less) than a (fluffy) sponge-y pumpkin cake.

Yes, I know. I claimed in another post that I’d rather do something else with pumpkin, like a pumpkin flan, but when you find something extremely cute online, like those meringue ghosts, and want to avoid eating that much chocolate (There is never such thing!) you need to find alternatives and use your creative fusion-ist cuisine (Ha!).

Well, and you know, we like to keep it Autumn-ish. This pumpkin cake was the victim.

Thank you Directo al Paladar for this inspiration.


Recipe Summary

Spooky Pumpkin Cake


For the Pumpkin Cake

  • 1 pumpkin (350g when peeled)
  • 125g natural yogurt
  • 123g butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 175g brown sugar
  • 200g flour
  • 50g corn flour
  • 15g baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • cinnamon (to taste)
  • nutmeg
  • dark chocolate icing

For the Meringue Ghosts

  • 4 egg whites
  • 200g sugar
  • 1/4 cream of tartar
  • chocolate pearls



For the Pumpkin Cake

  1. Peel and dice the pumpkin.
  2. Boil the pumpkin until tender, drain it and add it to the food processor.
  3. Preheat the oven (180ºC (Gas 6/7)). Get ready a buttered cake tin and sprinkle some flour on it.
  4. Mix the processed pumpkin with the yogurt and leave it. (You won’t use it again until step 7)
  5. Add to a bowl the eggs and the brown sugar and mix them until you have a spongy mixture.
  6. Add melted butter and vanilla to the mixture and whisk it again.
  7. Join both mixtures (Pumpkin and egg-sugar) and whisk.
  8. Sieve the flour and corn flour, baking powder, salt nutmeg and cinnamon on top of the mixture.
  9. Mix everything until you get an homogeneous mixture.
  10. Pour the mixture into the tin, making sure everything is well spread.
  11. Cook it during approximately 50min (that will depend on the oven)
  12. Leave it to cold down on a rack

You can either decorate the cake by sprinkling icing sugar or as we did using also a dark chocolate cover layer, and the meringue ghosts.

For the Meringue Ghosts

Whip up some meringues and shape them into ghosts quite simply! You can use your favourite recipe for those, we added vanilla to ours. We found Cupcake Jemma’s tips to be quite useful!


and Happy Halloween



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