Lancaster treats: The red peppercorn

Even if I am not usually the one that writes reviews over here I found myself fascinated with the last weekend treat dinner out that Leo and I had; which made me want to write about it.

I’ve obviously seen the red peppercorn before. I’ve passed next to it a lot, it is not far from home and quite close to Lancaster’s centre. However, I’ve never found the occasion to go and try it, even when Leo had told me that it is one of his favourite places in town, and to be honest, it has now become one of mine too.

The red peppercorn claims to be filling the missing alchemy in Lancaster restaurants by combining Western techniques with traditional rustic cooking from around the world. I am not going to bore you with details you can read in their webpage, but acknowledge that chef Anita Patel did a wonderful job.

Let’s talk about our experience.

We don’t usually have dinner out that much, but sometimes we like to treat ourselves with something fancy.

Our weekend needed this foodie treat, and the red peppercorn was the perfect small (and not crowded) restaurant that provided us with the exact cozy environment that we wanted. Warning! You will need to book your table, we did it the same day.

The service was excellent, they greet you on your arrival and take your coat, then you are shown which is your table and give you recommendations on how to decide what you want to eat to be fully satisfied. Their menu change seasonally (positive point!) and it is made so you can have a starter (mezze) and a main, or multiple mezzes that work like “tapas” and you can share.

For two people, they recommended us to have 5 mezzes to share and so we did. God, I am glad we did, because it was the perfect amount of food, we did not needed dessert.

As you might know, when I am with Leo, I am (what we’ve called) vegetarian by proxy, which I have decided to write about soon, so we decided to have 5 mezzes from the vegetarian section.

All the flavours were amazing, the spices taste in the sauces, the taste of the vegetables (that sometimes aren’t very tasty in the UK compared to Spain) and the combination of ingredients made it a perfect meal.

To be honest I don’t know what was my favourite (maybe the company), but this is what we had:

  • Mechouia, Griddled vegetables in Tunisian sauce, served with pitta
  • Spiced Red Lentils with curry leaves, served with pitta
  • Roasted pumpkin, feta and Quinoa Salad
  • Aubergine with Paneer and Coconut Sauce
  • Poha Cutlets (flattened rice patties) with vegetables

We started with the aubergine which flavour was amazing, the combination with the coconut sauce made this dish both delicious and refreshing, such that the next was the griddled vegetables, only with the excuse to use the pitta bread to dip in the first one.

The vegetables were nice, the Poha Cutlets too, even though they weren’t the most delicious mezzes we had in front of us but they were excitingly presented. Finally we had the spiced red lentils and the roasted pumpkin that has become one of the key flavours of my Autumn. However, those lentils still feel mouthwatering (and I think Leo will agree).

Ranging between £6.95 and £7.95 per mezze we had a wonderful dinner with drinks (incl. service) for £25 each. Yes, it is not the cheapest dinner ever, but it was a treat.

If you ever wonder where to go to have a special dinner here in Lancaster, whether you live here, happen to pass by or are visiting, don’t doubt it, the red peppercorn is a perfect treat, but make sure you call and book a table 😉


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