Season’s Greetings, Season’s Eatings

Hello everyone!

Sorry it’s been a little while since you last heard from me; the lead up to festive times has been rather busy, and I’ve not made much time for writing. I am currently at my parent’s home in a tiny farming village in the northeast of France where given that every other person in the village is a meat producer of some description, being a vegetarian is an unfathomable mystery.

When cooking for me, my parents are pretty good at accommodating my dietary requirements, but it still doesn’t come naturally and seems to them to be a really complicated way to eat and live. So, to show them that a delicious, festive and meat-free Christmas is possible, I’ve taken the lead on getting things ready for this weekend’s celebrations.

My family and their guests will still have meat as part of their main dish, but for the rest, they’ve left me in the driving seat. I guess it’s worth noting that, Christmas isn’t a particularly big deal in my family and that it’s always been a relatively simple affair… (I guess partly due to the fact of our complex religious history which I’ll bore you with some other time!)

We’ve also never been attached to any particular tradition… I don’t think we’ve even ever had turkey this time of year! There’s one holy trinity that is immovable though, foix gras, Champagne (we live about an hour’s drive away from where the best ‘crus’ are produced, and here it is much less of a ‘luxury’ item as in the UK) and Bûche de Noël.

Veggie Champagne is easy peasy to find – most are – vegans might have more questions to ask. Same goes with the traditional, butter-filled bûche… only the horrible supermarket things might have gelatine… In any case, I thought I’d go for a “lighter” option by making a ganache version and forego the traditional crème au beurre… we’ll see how that goes down.

In any case, here’s my Meat-eating guests friendly, contemporary, veggie Chrimbo menu!

I’ll work away at linking the recipes from this page over the next few weeks hopefully!


Blinis with a creamy horseradish filling, topped with finely diced beetroot & fresh basil

Feta, Chestnuts and Peppers Sausage Mini Rolls


Faux-Gras on Toast


Creamy Mushroom & Leek Vol-Au-Vent

The Main Event

The Happy Pear’s Festive Nut Roast with a  (few) twist(s)

served with

Potato, Carrot and Beetroot Rösti


Creamy, cognac infused Mushroom & Leek fricassée 

Cheese Course

served with horseradish vinaigrette salad


Rich Chocolate Ganache Roulade ‘Bûche’



All there’s left for me to do is to wish you a very happy festive season on behalf of both of us at Hive & Hob, we look forward to sharing more deliciousness with you on the other side of our chocolate-induced coma.


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