Springing change

Hello, hello

Yes, it’s been a while… we’ve been naughty bad bloggers and we could argue that we don’t have any good excuses really. Plenty of exciting things have happened though, perhaps top of the list being that we’ve moved! We’ve now got a lovely home together, featuring a large, bright, open-plan kitchen which we love working in…

We’ve a few recipes lined up for you, and to begin this new season I thought I’d just share a few links and thoughts from our meal plan for this week. I guess, the first thing I have to admit to, is that while we do our very best to eat seasonably and ethically; it’s not always that easy in our small British town… It’s been a challenge finding British Asparagus for example and there’s no way of getting artichokes for less than around £2 a unit for a decent globe.

However, with a bit of research, a few books and committed local businesses, we manage to make the most of the bountiful start of spring. If you live in Lancaster (or visit us during the upcoming bank holidays), LESS are a fantastic resource to find local producers and projects such as community gardens. For the locals, there’s no need to introduce Single Step, but it’s important we sing their praises and thank them for the gorgeous parsley which currently presides over our fresh herbs corner!

Here are a few links to our Spring eats from this week’s meal plan… there’s early Fennel in our ‘hood which we’ll be trying out in this tray bake with Mozzarella, we’ll be getting our green fix with this wild rocket & watercress gnocchi sauce and we’ve a selection of asparagus, green beans and young carrots to have a go at a barigoule

Hopefully this will give you a few ideas for your spring eats, and please share with us your favourite ingredients and recipes! Keep your eyes peeled from some special sweet treat recipes and a few posts about our experiments in bread making!

Lots of love!


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