If you can’t beat them, SNACK them!

Healthy snack – Roasted Chickpeas

The Soup Season is upon us…

The clocks have gone back, and there is no turning back for us either; Winter is well and truly on its way… Here’s our top 5 soups to help you along this Winter!

Top 5 Autumn Ingredients

Students are back in town, children are started to get excited about half-term, leaves are turning and the smell in the air is there to confirm it all… Autumn is well and truly here. Daylight hours are escaping us faster and faster and we don’t have to make much of an excuse to stay inside…

From cast iron to tomato vines

Nut-stuffed Tomatoes:

Stuffed vegetables are one of my favourite comfort foods, but as a vegetarian I of course do not cook the traditional family recipe anymore…

Welcome to the Hive!

Hopefully, Hive & Hob will be a fun place to share our recipe ideas, menu combinations and also our thoughts and musings on the broader ‘food culture’.